Jane R. Allison
(Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry)
Rutherford Discovery Fellow
Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Email: j.allison (at) massey.ac.nz

About Jane:

Jane obtained a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry from the University of Canterbury in 2003, conducting her Honours research and spending the subsequent year as a research assistant in the protein biochemistry laboratory of Prof. Juliet Gerrard, where she developed a deep dislike of getting her hands dirty in the lab. After being awarded one of the inaugural Woolf Fisher scholarships, she moved to the UK in 2004 to study towards a PhD with Prof. Chris Dobson in the Department of Chemistry at Cambridge University, where she managed to evade lab work and instead steal other peoples NMR data with which to bias and validate simulations. Upon completing her PhD in 2007 she moved to Zurich, Switzerland to eat cheese and chocolate and work as a postdoctoral research assistant in the computer-aided chemistry group of Prof. Wilfred van Gunsteren at the ETH. In January 2012, Jane took up a Lectureship at Massey University in Auckland, where she is a member of the Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics. Jane is also an Associate Investigator with the Biomolecular Interaction Centre at the University of Canterbury and the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery, and a Rutherford Discovery Fellow.